Straight through' design for straightforward baling


Choose MF 1839 balers for high quality square bales - just the right size for easy handling and just the right density for efficient storage season after season.




 massey ferguson MF 1839
Bale Size (mm) cross section:
356 x 457
length: 305 -1321
Pick-up width (m) (inside panel to inside panel): 1.93
No. of tine bars: 4


Suitable for hay and straw





  • Unique ‘centre line' design in which the crop flows quickly, with minimum damage, through the baler in a straight line – for smooth operation and easy transport.


  • With the same field and road positions, operators can just pull into the field, lower the pick-up and start baling – no time consuming manhandling required!


  • The wide pick-up (1.5 m – 2.0 m) features a small diameter, ‘low profile' design with closely spaced tines - ensures windrows are picked up cleanly with minimal disturbance and leaf loss.


  • Using a key feature from its big square baler cousins, the crop is pre-compressed into a slice in the pre-forming chamber before entering the bale chamber – this pre-formed slice concept enables the baler to operate with a shorter plunger stroke, significantly reducing plunger bearing wear.


  • Shorter plunger stroke means plunger speed can be increased giving boosted capacity and higher productivity.


  • Rugged knotters are designed and built to operate reliably over many years with minimum fuss or maintenance, whether using plastic or sisal twine.


  • With the centre line design, tractor PTO requirements are kept as low as possible - 35 PTO hp on the MF 1839.


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